Borders Folding Carton, Inc. began in St. Louis, MO on June 1, 1969. Fred Borders, president, and his dad, Fred Borders Sr. formed the new company to initially produce only corrugated boxes. After several years of corrugated box making in St. Louis, some of it for envelope companies, we branched out into the folding box market at the request of our customers. We were making both corrugated boxes and folding cartons in the St. Louis location until we expanded and opened an additional folding carton manufacturing facility in Atlanta, GA in 1986. Fred moved to Atlanta at that time and his dad and brother stayed in the St. Louis plant. As the years passed, Fred Sr. lost a battle with cancer in 1991, and Fred’s three sons joined him in the Atlanta plant when they finished their education. Borders Folding Carton, Inc. officially separated from the original Borders Container Corp. in 1996. Dan Borders stayed with Borders Container Corp. in St. Louis and Fred and his sons became Borders Folding Carton, Inc. in Atlanta.

The Atlanta operation has expanded to include warehouses in Texas and Indiana in addition to the warehouse and manufacturing center in Atlanta. Borders Folding Carton, Inc. is focused on making beers style folding cartons specifically for the envelope converting industry. We have customers from coast to coast and produce millions of boxes monthly. Our specialization has allowed us to become the industry leader in quality and service. We are large enough to produce the largest quantities competitively, yet we are also nimble enough to meet the special small quantity needs of all of the envelope manufacturers.

Borders Folding Carton, Inc. is very actively involved in the Envelope Manufacturers Association (EMA) and in the EMA Foundation for furtherance of the envelope industry.