We at Borders Folding Carton, Inc. are specialists in manufacturing 4 corner chip-board boxes. Our machinery is set up in such a way that we can move from size to size quickly enough to meet the time sensitive requirements of the envelope manufacturers across the country. More than 95% of the boxes we make are of the 4 corner variety. We are able to continually provide the best possible customer service in the industry today and do it in a cost effective way that fits our customers’ needs. We are very concerned about our natural resources and therefore use recycled materials in all of our boxes. These boxes can then also be recycled once again by our customers after their use as a further saving to our environment. Many of our customers manufacture for companies and government agencies that require environmentally sensitive products and we make sure that we provide that type of product for them. Our warehouses in Georgia, Texas, and Indiana allow us to make quick deliveries to our customers.